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We’re thrilled to bring you a brand new conference from GOLD Learning! GOLD Birth & Beyond is your source for the latest information and clinical skills to support clients during birth and through the transition into parenthood.

Since 2007, health care professionals from around the globe have counted on GOLD for accessible and reliable online education from top experts. Now at GOLD Birth & Beyond, those working with parents during the perinatal period can access presentations from top speakers with a wealth of experience and insights.

GOLD Birth & Beyond 2020 takes place from October 5 to November 30 2020 and includes 12.5 hours of accredited education in the main conference alone. Presentation topics include paternal perinatal mental health, health disparities among women with disabilities, postpartum sexual health, empowering parents, parenting the high-needs baby, and much more!

Register for this year’s event here: 

We’ll get things kicked off on Monday October 5 with Britta Bushnell, PhD and her Opening Keynote Webinar “The Awakening Parent Within Your Clients: Are You Supporting or Sabotaging?”. This presentation offers us an opportunity to examine how the ways we work with new parents impact their transition into parenthood. Dr. Bushnell will share her information on supporting parents to become autonomous and self-guided. This event is free to the public when you reserve your seat here: 

At GOLD Birth & Beyond, you can take advantage of flexible learning to fit your continuing education into your busy schedule. Conference delegates can join in live presentations and also enjoy access to recordings until November 30. Download speaker handouts, ask your questions in speaker-moderated forums, connect with international colleagues in our Facebook discussion group, and learn from anywhere with an internet connection with your computer or mobile device!

We’ll wrap up our live presentations on October 26 with Darcia Narvaez, PhD at “The Postpartum Nest: Helping Parents Lay the Foundation for Their Child's Lifelong Health”. This will be a presentation not to miss, with fascinating insights on the impact of early experiences and care. Dr. Narvaez will present her information on the Evolved Developmental Niche, neonatal development, and the long-lasting impact of human touch. Registration is free and includes access to the recording until November 20:

Delegates can also extend their learning experience with three exclusive add-on lecture packs: Preventing and Healing Perinatal Trauma, Infant Sleep 2020, and Food as Medicine: Advancing our Approach to Perinatal Nutrition. Each of these lecture packs include presentations taking an in-depth look at these areas of perinatal health, and are available to watch as recordings throughout the conference period.

We can’t wait to get this incredible program kicked off with these outstanding speakers and their practice-changing presentations!  We look forward to seeing you online soon at GOLD Birth & Beyond 2020!

The topic of sleep (their own and their babies’) looms large for new parents – and sleep disturbance is a topic that health professionals are asked about often in the perinatal period. It is tempting to give ‘stock’ answers to these questions with little thought or to answer based on personal experience; however such responses can have negative and sometimes far-reaching consequences. How often, for instance, are new parents asked whether their baby is ‘sleeping through the night yet’? Or even worse, asked if they have a ‘good baby’ – often code for ‘a baby who sleeps well and does not disturb his/her parents’. Such questions are varyingly irritating, worrying and distressing to new parents as they imply that ‘sleeping through’ from an early age is important, and there is either something wrong with their baby, or with their ability as parents, if a baby is not conforming to expectations. But what if the expectations themselves are false – or based on out-dated information? Are we perpetuating and reinforcing myths about sleep development and infant sleep needs that cause parents to undertake sleep training regimes at an inappropriately early age, or set up expectations about sleep that exacerbate postnatal depression?

Research into infant and parental sleep and related areas such as SIDS, postnatal depression and infant feeding is prolific, and the evidence produced can often seem contradictory. Health professionals therefore need regular updates about the latest thinking on topics such as the pros and cons of sleep training, whether changing a baby’s diet is a an effective method for influencing sleep duration and night waking, and whether parent-infant sleep sharing is dangerous or beneficial in early infancy. In the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab at Durham University (UK) we regularly read and discuss the latest research on these topics to inform our own research and publications. Four years ago I had the bright idea of turning our in-house summaries into a website that would provide a source of evidence-based digests and signposts to the key research that health professionals could access to help keep up-to-date and inform their work with parents. Thus the Infant Sleep Information Source (ISIS) was born, and after securing funding and a crash course in website development the ISIS website was launched in April 2012 ( as a free resource for all. In my talk for GOLD Perinatal I will give you an introduction to some of the fascinating research evidence on infant and parent sleep that we have recently collated for the ISIS website, and highlight some of the latest studies to question ‘received wisdom’. I am looking forward to some lively discussion in the forums afterwards!

Helen Ball

Professor Helen Ball, Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, Anthropology Department, Durham University, UK

*Note that Prof. Helen Ball is the Keynote Speaker for our upcoming conference. Her presentation will be streamed twice on Oct 14, live and for free! Reserve your spot by clicking here.

Jul 30

This past week several of our amazing team members made the trip to Phoenix, Arizona to take part in the the Annual 2014 International Lactation Consultants Assosciation Conference (ILCA) as well as exhibit our two online conferences, GOLD Lactation & GOLD Perinatal. We had such a wonderful time running into past delegates and speakers as well as talking to so many new faces. Thank you to everyone that came by to say hello!

We were also thrilled to be able to sponsor one of loyal delegates to attend ILCA 2014 as well as partake and present at the 2014 Lactation Summit that immediately followed the ILCA Conference. The 2014 Lactaiton Summit was the first of a multi-year intiative to explore equity and diversity in the lactation consultant profession. Hosted by LEAARC , ILCA and IBCLE, we were grateful to be part of such a unique opportunity to expore the inequities faced within the lactation profession.

GOLD Lactation is also a proud sponsor of the 2014 Lactation Summit, where in partnership with LEAARC, ILCA and IBCLE, put on a live pre-summit webinar which saw GOLD Speaker Cynthia Good Mojab, MS, LMHCA, IBCLC give a captivating presentation titled "Ready, Set, Listen! Preparing to Hear the Missing Voices of the Lactation Consultant Profession".

Check out some of pictures we took in Phoenix. You can find more on our Facebook page.

Our ‘eat local’ pins that were so popular that we ran out of them!

Eat Local!

GOLD is pleased to have sponsored Stephanie MacDonald to attend the conference and speak at 2014 Lactation Summit:

We talk lactation, and live lactation – this is GOLD’s Chelsea Prangnell at the GOLD booth feeding her little one:

Fiona was excited to see Nancy Mohrbacher, who was featured at GOLD’s 2014 Lactation Conference.

Fiona chatting with GOLD Lactation Delegate/Alumni Amy Kahan & GOLD Speaker, Alison Hazelbaker!

And we were excited to give away some fantastic prizes including a basket of treats and free Conference registrations.
GOLD Giveaway Winners


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