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GOLD Perinatal Speaker Interview 2018

We are thrilled to offer the latest evidence-based education from leading Researchers and Clinicians at our 2018 GOLD Perinatal Conference. We had a chance to sit down with some of the Speakers before the conference begins and learn a little bit more about them and what they will be presenting this year. Enjoy!

Please note, these are NOT presentations and do not count towards educational hours

Speaker Interviews

How to Prepare Women for a Fear Free Childbirth
Alexia Leachman
Play Interview
Care and Management of Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Alice Callahan
Play Interview
Skin to Skin Care: Beyond the NICU
Caroline F. Conneen
Play Interview
Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders: Essential Clinical Skills
Christina G. Hibbert
Play Interview
Integrating Normality and Risk in U.S. Maternity Care, Emphasis on "Care"
Christine Morton
Play Interview
Preparation for Parenthood
Deborah MacNamara
Play Interview
The Return of Breastsleeping: Humankind's Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement
James J. McKenna
Play Interview
The 5 Most Common Failures in Neonatal Resuscitation
Karen H. Strange
Play Interview
Balancing Beneficence, and Prevention of Harm When Caring for Pregnant Women with Substance Use Disorder
Liz Stokes
Play Interview
Breastfeeding Class - What's the point?
Lori J. Isenstadt
Play Interview
Breastfeeding a Baby with t21 (Down Syndrome)
Meg Nagle
Play Interview
Physiologic Birth and Social Determinants of Health
Nell Tharpe
Play Interview
Suicide and Self Harm in the Perinatal Period
Prabha S. Chandra
Play Interview
Utilizing Connected Health Technology and Telehealth to Improve Perinatal Access and Quality in Rural Areas
Sarah Rhoads
Play Interview
Bringing Fatherhood Forward
Yale A. Nogin
Play Interview
Perinatal Mental Health: Identification, Prevention, and Treatment (Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Cindy-Lee Dennis
Play Interview
The Importance of Fathers' Mental Health(Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Dr. Jane Hanley & Mark Williams
Play Interview
Managing Mental Illness in Pregnancy(Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Jayashri Kulkarni
Play Interview
"It Was Right but so Wrong:" Helping Families Make Sense of Difficult Births with Trauma Sensitive and Prenatal and Perinatal Healing Approaches(Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Kate White
Play Interview
Anxiety and Related Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum (Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Melanie Badali
Play Interview
Impact of Paternal and Maternal Postpartum Depression on Parenting Behaviors and Infant/Child Outcomes (Mental Health in the Perinatal Period Add-On)
Sheehan David Fisher
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