Become a GOLD Speaker!

GOLD Conferences International welcomes Speakers interested in presenting their research, clinical experience, and expertise; we invite veterans, new researchers, and others to share their expertise with health care professionals around the world. Speaking at GOLD Learning events is a convenient & fun way to reach thousands of Healthcare Providers around the World. Highlights include:

  • Quickly share education across a large global audience.
  • Present from home, work or anywhere with a stable internet connection & computer.
  • Interact with Participants through live Question & Answer sessions & private forums.
  • Receive an honorarium for your presentation.

You'll work directly with our expert team which will guide you through the whole webinar process. All you do is log on, and share your valuable information!

We welcome topics within a wide spectrum of categories including:

  • Research
  • Clinical Skills
  • Case Studies
  • Ethics/Scope of Practice
  • Business and Leadership
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Networking
  • Other (including Preterm, Tongue-Tie, Baby Friendly, Mental Health etc.)

With almost 3000 Delegates attending our annual online conferences, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with and instruct health care professionals from all over the world. Every year, the GOLD Team selects a variety of speakers to cover a broad range of topics within the Maternal-Child Health spectrum, and we would love to give you the opportunity to present your expertise.

Abstract Submission Open! - Click here to start your abstract submission

Guide to Submitting Your Abstract:

1. Create Presentation abstract - what goes into a good abstract?
Think of your abstract as a condensed version of your presentation. Aim for 1-2 paragraphs. Some questions that may be helpful to write your abstract include:

  • What topic are you presenting on, and why is it important?
  • What will learners take away from your presentation?
  • What is the main message you want your presentation to convey?
  • What makes the information in your presentation important?

3. Gather presentation information - Before submitting your presentation idea you will need to gather the following:

  • Contact information
  • Short biography
  • Presentation Title
  • Abstract
  • References (4 of which need to be in the last 5 years)
  • Learning Objectives – What are 3 things participants will learn after attending your lecture?

4. Create your Abstract Submission account or Login if you already have one

5. Enter your presentation information online.

Need help? Want feedback on your presentation topic? Contact us at [email protected] for a prompt response!

*Please note that we accept abstracts for other Conferences and Events Year-round. Submit your abstract here