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GOLD Perinatal Speaker Interview 2016

We are thrilled to offer the latest evidence-based education from leading Researchers and Clinicians at our 2016 GOLD Perinatal Conference. We had a chance to sit down with some of the Speakers before the conference begins and learn a little bit more about them and what they will be presenting this year. Enjoy!

Please note, these are NOT presentations and do not count towards educational hours

Speaker Interviews

Evidence Based Care: What it is, What it isn't, and How to Help Families Find it
Rebecca Dekker
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Care and Management of Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Karen D'Apolito
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Understanding, Confronting and Reducing Childbirth Fear
Jocelyn Toohill
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The role of the midwife in supporting women who experience domestic violence and abuse during pregnancy
Kathleen Baird
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Late Preterm Infants: Not as Grown up as they look!
Debbie Fraser
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Feeding the tiny premie: Supporting NICU families with evidence and compassion
Christina Smillie
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The Importance of Direct-Breastfeeding and Breastmilk in the NICU
Carrie-Ellen Briere
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Antibiotics and Breastfeeding: Indications and Impact for the Dyad
Dixie Whetsell
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Category Two Electronic Fetal Monitor Strip Management
Carrie Sue Halsey
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The Neurobiology of Attachment and Fear Learning in Infancy
Jacek Debiec
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Changing the Conversation about Perinatal Support for Women of Size
Jen McLellan
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The Placenta and Breastmilk-Unraveling the Mysterious World of the Intelligent Organs that Protect our Babies
Laurel Wilson
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Moving beyond bottles: alternative strategies for supplementary feeding newborns
Miranda Buck
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De-Mystifying Gestational Diabetes
Nancy Irland
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New mothers' thoughts of infant-related harm and their relationship with postpartum OCD and parenting
Nichole Fairbrother
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How childhood experiences affect mothering behaviour – and how practitioners can help
Robin Grille
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Breastfeeding: Instinct or Skill
Theresa Nesbitt
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Best Practices in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Somatic Health for Optimal Birth Outcomes (Infant Mental Health Add-On)
Kathe White
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Infant Trauma: Impact on Breastfeeding (Infant Mental Health Add-On)
Alison Hazelbaker
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The First 1,000 days: Promoting Infant Mental Health (Infant Mental Health Add-On)
Monica Roosa Ordway
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The connected baby : How understanding infant brain development changes our view of humanity (Infant Mental Health Add-On)
Suzanne Zeedyk
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