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The birth of a child is a time of profound transformation. The physiological transformation of the birthing parent and the infant, the transformation of the family unit, and the transformation of communities and society as a whole. Knowledge of the physiological and psychological changes that happen during birth is critical, and our understanding of this amazing process is growing rapidly. Along with respect for the intense biological changes that are happening during this vulnerable period, respectful, kind, culturally sensitive and evidence based care results in families who feel valued and empowered as they start the journey of parenthood. This has far reaching implications for the physical and mental health for the parent(s) and child. As care providers, it's important that we have a clear understanding of the potential impact of our practices.

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GOLD Conference Updates & Industry News

  • Sep 18
    GOLD Birth & Beyond 2020 Online Conference is Your New Source For Perinatal Education!
    We’re thrilled to bring you a brand new conference from GOLD Learning! GOLD Birth & Beyond is your source for the latest information and clinical skills to support clients during birth and through the transition into parenthood. Since 2007, health care professionals from around the globe have counted on GOLD for accessible and reliable online education from top experts. Now at...
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  • Sep 19
    To sleep or not to sleep – what’s normal for babies?
    The topic of sleep (their own and their babies’) looms large for new parents – and sleep disturbance is a topic that health professionals are asked about often in the perinatal period. It is tempting to give ‘stock’ answers to these questions with little thought or to answer based on personal experience; however such responses can have negative and sometimes...
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Educational Credits!

GOLD Perinatal Online Conferences offers 12+ hours of education and 2+ optional add-on lecture packs The following CEU credits are approved for:
  • CMEs
  • Nursing Contact Hours
  • CERPs
  • Midwifery CEUs