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Opening Keynote Presentation

Welcome to your opportunity to learn what GOLD Perinatal is all about! We are pleased to offer this free Keynote Presentation which offers valuable education from a leader in the perinatal field. Listen live and experience our interactive platform that allows delegates to get to know one another and pose questions to the speaker or listen to the recording at your convenience. Invite your friends and colleagues and listen together! It’s a great way to generate discussion, new ideas or perspectives and reinvigorate passion and inspiration.

We're thrilled to have Sarah Buckley, M.B, Ch.B; Dip Obst as our 2019 Keynote Speaker. Sarah's presentation "Induction of Labor: Hormonal Costs and Consequences for Mothers and Babies" will kick off our Annual Perinatal Conference on October 1st. We invite you to join us at either of our two live sessions or access the public recording of this talk until October 18. Simply reserve your seat to receive exclusive access. A certificate of Attendance will be provided.

The public access to this presentation is available for a limited time, so be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out! Only our delegates who are registered for the full conference will be able to claim continuing education hours and you can do so by logging into the Delegates Area prior to watching the presentation.

To learn more about registering for the conference, please visit this page. Registered Delegates will have access to this presentation and 14 additional presentations until December 2, 2019 (Annual Members will have until December 27, 2019).

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preterm-speakersKeynote Speaker & Presentation Info

Sarah Buckley, M.B, Ch.B; Dip Obst

Dr Sarah Buckley is a family physician (GP), trained in GP obstetrics, and mother of four homeborn children. She has been writing and lecturing to childbirth professionals and parents since 1997, and is the author of the internationally best-selling book Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, Sarah has a special interest in the hormonal physiology of labour and birth and in 2015 she completed an extensive scientific report on this topic, Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, published with Childbirth Connection (US) in 2015. She is currently a PhD candidate is studying oxytocin and the autonomic nervous system in childbirth at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia.

Abstract: Induction of Labor: Hormonal Costs and Consequences for Mothers and Babies

The physiological onset of labour is a moment of enormous biological investment. Fetal readiness for the stresses of labour, and for the critical transition to life outside the womb, must be matched with maternal readiness for an effective, efficient labour and birth. In addition, pre-labour physiological preparations promote success for mother and newborn with breast-feeding and attachment, adding essential components to individual and species survival. Induction of labour, by definition, curtails full readiness for mother and baby. How might this impact hormonal physiology for mother and baby? Could there be longer-term effects? Join Dr Sarah Buckley, author of Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing, in this thought-provoking presentation.

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