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Presentation Information

Vanessa M Kelmis

Perinatal Support Systems for Military Families

  • Speaker: Vanessa M Kelmis , CD(DONA)
  • Presentation Type:
  • Duration: 30 Mins
  • Credits: .5 CERP, .5 Nursing CEU, .05 Midwifery CEU, .5 Dietetic CEU

Pregnancy and birth for military families comes with a unique set of emotional and physical challenges. During a time when women seek stability and comfort, the nature of military work delivers a series of disruptions and uncertainty. Military mothers, both active duty women and spouses of military members, routinely go through the perinatal time far from their hometown, immediate family, and spouse. Pregnancy even early in the first trimester is often public for an active duty woman. Women in hazardous or frontline positions are transferred from their jobs, sometimes to different cities, and generally work in non-deployable positions up to birth. During the postpartum period, active duty women face the return to full-time work and a quick return to physical body weight and fitness standards. This session will discuss these challenges, cultural biases characteristic of the military, and how military parents may be better supported through pregnancy and birth.