GOLD Perinatal Care Conference News

GOLD Perinatal 2017: Education and Empowerment

We’re thrilled to present our annual GOLD Perinatal conference for the 2017 year! Hosted by GOLD Learning Online Education, GOLD Perinatal is a leader in online education and connects health providers from the perinatal field with expert speakers. Our online format allows more people than ever to access current information for their continuing education.

Our 2017 conference brings together 22 top speakers from around the world, offering a total of 22.5 hours of education. Our two add-on lecture packs, The Microbiome in the Perinatal Period and Trauma Informed Care, offer an additional 6 hours each and increase the learning potential.

We kick things off on October 2 with Jarold “Tom” Johnston and his Opening Keynote Presentation “The Perinatal Microbiome”. In this talk, we’ll take a closer look at microbes and the ways practices in the perinatal period impact microbiome development. This presentation is free to the general public, providing attendees an opportunity to try out our online format as they access this fantastic talk.

Our live conference days take place between October 10 and October 23 during a variety of time slots to accommodate our global community. Topics covered during conference presentations include the impact of birth practices on breastfeeding, providing inclusive care, perinatal mental disorders, the influence of fathers on child development, and much more. GOLD speakers come from diverse professional backgrounds, bringing their unique perspectives and experiences into their presentations.

Presentations will wrap up with our Closing Keynote Speaker Fayth Parks and “Making a Way Out of No Way: Cultural Strengths, Health Disparities, and Postpartum families” on October 30. This keynote will also be available free to the public and will delve into health disparities that disproportionately impact marginalized communities.

At GOLD, we keep our delegates connected to enhance the learning experience! Registered delegates have access to exclusive online forums where they can engage with speakers and ask questions about presentations. We also have a Facebook discussion group (  where delegates share their thoughts on presentations, connect each other with resources, and post fun conference selfies! We also share our live presentations on Twitter with the help of our social media team. Presentation highlights are live tweeted during live days from our @GOLDPerinatal account with the #GOLDPerinatal2017 hashtag.

Our conference talks are presented live then are available as recordings on our website through to the end of the conference period. Delegates enjoy the ease of watching recordings at their convenience as a way of fitting learning into their busy schedules. Many delegates go back to rewatch presentations to make sure they’ve fully understood new concepts and information and enjoy the access to speaker handouts. GOLD Perinatal 2017 recordings will be available until December 1, or until December 15 for GOLD Annual Members.

Join us today and experience how easy and rewarding online learning can be: