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GOLD Perinatal 2017 Opening Keynote: Learning about the Perinatal Microbiome with Jarold “Tom” Johnston

GOLD Perinatal is an annual online conference, bringing together thousands of health professionals from around the globe. With leading expert speakers speaking on a wide variety of topics, GOLD connects delegates with the most up to date information in the perinatal field.

The 2017 conference offers another fantastic opportunity for health care providers to benefit from the conveniences of online learning. With access to live presentations staggered throughout the conference period as well as recordings to view at your own pace, our conference fits the schedule of busy professionals without the cost of in-person conferences!

At GOLD Perinatal, we offer our Opening and Closing Keynote presentations free to the general public. With topics that appeal to a wide audience in the perinatal field, keynote presentations are a great opportunity to learn for free or to check out our format.

To kick off GOLD Perinatal 2017, we will be joined by Jarold “Tom” Johnston Jr., CNM, IBCLC on October 2. A sought-after speaker with a background in teaching, speaking, and writing, Jarold is a dynamic speaker who truly engages his audience. In “The Perinatal Microbiome”, attendees will delve into this exciting area of health and wellness.

The human microbiome is made up of the microbes found on an inside of the human body. In recent years, we’ve begun to understand how everything from digestion to long-term health is impacted by the interactions happening on this unseen level. In his presentation, Jarold Johnston will take us through the impact of the perinatal period on the microbiome, from pregnancy through to  birth and breastfeeding.

On October 30, we’ll close out our conference with Closing Keynote Speaker Fayth M. Parks, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and her presentation “Making a Way Out of No Way: Cultural Strengths, Health Disparities, and Postpartum families”. Fayth is an associate professor and licensed psychologist in the Department of Leadership, Technology, and Human Development at Georgia Southern University. Her work focuses on ways diverse cultures interpret mental health, healing, and illness recovery, and her career has included a variety of published works as well as numerous invited lectures.

During her presentation, Fayth will invite attendees to examine the ways marginalized communities encounter health disparities and the role healing traditions play in an individual's medical belief system. This presentation offers useful insights into how cultural strengths impact health and why it’s vital for health care providers to understand medical pluralism. Attendees will learn about the connection between health, family, and community and the implications for perinatal mood disorders.

We look forward to sharing these and many other fantastic presentations during our 2017 conference. Invite your friends and colleagues to join you for this info-packed event and make your October a great one!

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