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GOLD Perinatal 2018 Closing Keynote Presentation Access

The Return of Breastsleeping: Humankind's Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement
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Welcome to the GOLD Perinatal Online Conference 2018 Closing Keynote Presentation! "The Return of Breastsleeping: Humankind's Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement" by James J. McKenna, Ph.D, will take place LIVE on October 29. Join us at one of our two live sessions or view the recording at your convenience. Our Closing Keynote Presentation is the last Live presentation of the conference however it does not mean the fun and learning stop there! Conference Delegates will have until December 3rd to enjoy this presentation as well as 14 others. Only registered delegates will be able to claim continuing education hours and can do so by logging into the Delegates Area prior to watching the presentation. Click here to register for GOLD Perinatal 2018, it only takes a few minutes!

This complimentary viewing of the recording of this presentation will be open to the public until November 15. Registered Delegates will have until December 3rd to view it via the Delegates Area, and GOLD Annual Members have until December 27th.

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James J. McKenna Ph.D.
Presentation: The Return of Breastsleeping: Humankind's Oldest and Most Successful Sleep and Feeding Arrangement
Fayth Parks

Abstract: Breastsleeping refers to bedsharing-amongst breastfeeding mothers and infants occurring in the absence of all known independent risk factors.

Given that most breastfeeding mothers bedshare, there is a critical need to develop a new SIDS/SUID discourse, one that employs harm reduction strategies, family- tailored education, evidence-based medicine, and primary advice formulated by breastfeeding and lactation communities, researchers and associations. This new bottom-up, evidence-based discourse first and foremost respects what parents say they need, want, can and are willing to do.

This discourse acknowledges that, in the United States, bedsharing is common and what helps us to understand it is to reference scientific studies (heretofore dismissed by 'authorities') on the powerful infantile and parental biological factors that motivate bedsharing, and the realization that sleep-related risks are not co-equal but vary along a significant continuum of relative risks ranging between acceptable (especially where exclusively breastsleeping occurs i.e. where hazardous factors are eliminated) to unacceptable where a variety of well independent "risk factors' are present.

I argue here for recommendations based on evidence-based medicine rather than the ideologically driven opinions and assumptions of those making the recommendations which are failing after 20 years of attacks on bedsharing and bedsharing families.

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